Rip Van Winkle Gardens


Last summer through the end of my USA vacation I’ve finally convinced my boyfriend to take me to this incredible landmark. We got lost, ran out of gas on our way but WE MADE IT! Here are some of the photos I’ve captured during my trip!














Before I left for USA I’ve created this to-visit list by searching the attractions in Louisiana area and Rip Van Winkle Gardens was on my top 3. Even though I couldn’t get a chance to visit all of the attractions on my list, this definitely saved my entire trip. I’m so mad at myself that I didn’t take more pictures and definitely planning on visiting again, in fall or winter preferably. It may not be the type of place you may want to visit if you are living far away but It’s definitely worth a quick stop if you are passing by the area!

Why go there?

First off it’s worth the trip! Can not think of a better place in the area for a romantic walk and a diner maybe. The route that leads to the gardens is actually one of the prettiest roads I’ve ever seen in my life. There are trees lined up the entire road and you can see flocks of birds everywhere! Once you get to the gardens you will be blown away by the view. We were so blown away that we even forgot to pay the entrance fee! 😀 Try getting lost in the garden (yes it is that huge) we discovered a few very very very pretty fountains and my bf literally almost took a shower in one of them. We did not take the tour so we were all alone wandering the place. HOWEVER I couldn’t visit the Joseph Jefferson House, the trip was just too much for my bf and it really hurt me a lot because i knew there are antiques in that house and I’m an antique freak but this gives me another reason the visit this incredible place one more time! Also, I’ve found out that there are some cottages you could rent and spend the night in, perfect for a getaway or an anniversary. We had lunch at the cafe there, the view was amazing but the food was just ‘meh’. OH and there are colorful peacocks all around the garden! Can’t wait till I go back!!


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